My name is Esmée Veerdig. I am a fully trained and experienced drama therapist and specialised in:

- Individual drama therapy with children and youngsters 

- Training group dynamics at schools 

In my work I focus on kids and youth who:

Have low self-esteem

Are fearful of failure
Have difficulty in dealing with emotions
Are not aware of their limitations
Do not trust or have confidence in others
Want to be in control
Have had to deal with big losses or divorce
Have concentration difficulties 
Are diagnosed with autism, ADHD or ADD

In my work I use various methods, such as:

Fairy tales
Simulating various roles or daily life situations 
Transactional analysis
Developmental transformations
Metaphors and images  

Caracol dramatherapie

The name of Caracol is a Spanish word, meaning Snail. 

Caracol dramatherapie stands for:

Taking time to develop yourself
Feeling home, regardless of place and time
Building on your strengths
Experimenting outside your comfort zone
Working on your problem in a safe environment

Drama therapy

Drama therapy is a form of creative art therapy, using play and theatre in a safe environment. The emphasis of this type of therapy is physical and active. Personal challenges become clear through play and acting. In the sessions there is plenty of room to experiment with different behaviours and dealing with emotions and challenging situations. 

Expats / Third Culture Kids (TCK's) 

Research shows that children who grow up in different cultures (TCK's) are often very good in building social relationships but find it difficult to attach themselves, feel at home or integrate. It can cause a feeling of not being understood and having no real roots.*

Drama therapy can help discover identity and overcome difficulties in adjusting to a new place with a different culture. 

Speaking in one's mother tongue increases the sense of a safe environment. This is essential in effective therapy and reinforces the process. Sessions with Caracol dramatherapie are provided in Dutch, English and Spanish. 

* Berg, N. van den. (2016) Ervaringen van expatkinderen van Shell-medewerkers, in de leeftijd van 13 tot 16 jaar, van hun integratie na terugkomst in het thuisland. Een kwalitatief onderzoek naar de invloed van repatriëren op de integratie van Nederlandse expatkinderen. Geraadpleegd van https://dspace.library.uu.nl/handle/1874/327505



€ 30,- 
Identify the aim of the therapy and prepare a tentative plan. Intake normally takes half an hour. 

Sessions and final evaluation

€ 60,-
The treatment plan and evaluations are included. The duration of the session will depend on the age and concentration curve of the client. 


Check with your insurance company to see if the therapy is reimbursed. 


2019 - present

Dramatherapist at Samen Sterk Psychotherapie 

a practice for adults with trauma related personality disorders 

2016 - 2018

Drama therapist at NPH Nicaragua

a Regional Youth Centre for chirldren with trauma and attachment difficulties




Trauma sensitive work 


Trauma sensitive work the basics

Dramatherapy related schema therapy


Systemic therapy